John Gibson wins shortened F1 fun run

Although only 3 cars showed up for the fun run, they were very closely matched, and it appeared that the race would be a battle of consistency.  Shawn Becher took the pole by less than .1 seconds.  On the start, it was 3rd place Lenny Brown making an awesome start, diving to the inside of Becher and taking the lead going into turn 1.  Becher followed Brown relentlessly with Gibson following close behind for 3 laps, when Brown ran wide in the ankle of the boot.  He got out in the grass, and Becher was about to surge past him when Brown launched off a curb, spun across the track, and collected Becher.  Gibson sped past, inheriting the lead.  Brown’s Williams hit the wall hard, and was un-repairable.  Becher was in the pits for a minute making repairs, but his Sahara Force India was not handling the same after repairs were completed.  Becher appeared to be stuggling with rear grip coming off of the corners, and he also seemed to be struggling with right hand turns.  3 laps after coming out of the pits, Becher shot sideways at the top of the esses, and pancaked the ride side of his car into the wall.  Both wings were knocked off, and the right front tire was against the nose of the car.  Becher too had to retire, and after a short 15 minutes, John Gibson was declared the victor, the last man standing.

LaBue wins battle of attrition at the Glen

04-29-14 Glen Boot fun run

All classes were represented tonight when 7 drivers showed up for the fun run at Watkins Glen.  Shawn Becher took the pole in his Chevrolet Corvette C6R, as the only HPD made a late entrance and did not have time to log a lap in qualifying.  As the field tried to sort out on the first lap, trouble was everywhere.  One of the BMWs got together with the HPD in the bus stop, and the HPD spun, hit the wall, and retired.  Becher was out to a healthy lead coming through the boot, but spun while exiting the boot, and had to let the field by.  A couple of the BMWs and the lone Porsche got together in the “concrete canyon” between turns 10 and 11, and one of the BMWs overturned, but landed on its wheels, backwards in the middle of the track.  Several cars didn’t make it through the first lap.  Becher was quick to make up lost time, and by lap 4 was back in the lead.  That didn’t last though, as he caught a bad curb hop coming out of the bus stop, slid, and nosed into the inside wall pretty hard.  He sat in the pits for 8 minutes while the crew feverishly tried to repair the battered ‘vette.  Jon Doble inherited the lead for a short while, but he also spun in turn 10, allowing both Rileys by.  Doble was making up time on the Rileys, but dropped a wheel on exit, spun hard, and smacked the wall.  He pitted for necessary repairs, and left with a partially damaged car.  They probably should have fixed a few more things, as he ended up smacking the wall again on his out lap.  By this point, Dave LaBue was in the lead, being chased by Lenny Brown in the other Riley.  Something happened to Brown’s Riley, and he too was forced to retire.  There was still 40 minutes left to go in the race.  LaBue was out to a comfortable lead, and Doble was still getting his BMW patched up.  Becher was frantically trying to make up ground, having lost 5 laps while sitting on pit road.  Becher caught up to Doble and then passed him, but 5 laps later, the Corvette’s massive 8 liter power plant crumbled into a giant puff of smoke at the top of the esses, and Becher’s race was over.  With Doble 6 laps behind, LaBue cruised to an easy win.

Thanks to all who came out, even if your race was cut short.  We hope to see you again next time we run a TUDOR United Sports Car Racing event.