General Rules

The rules are simple and most drivers have enough common sense to figure out what is and isn’t right on their own. But some people need to be told how to act. Our rules for driver conduct are simple. If you can follow these three rules, everyone will have a great LNR experience. If you can’t follow these rules, LNR isn’t the place for you to race and either you can decide that, or we can decide that.

1. Respect yourself.
2. Respect your fellow competitors.
3. Respect the admins.


Racing Rules

Start and Restart Procedure
All race starts and restarts are to be controlled by the leader or the green flag, whichever comes first. However, once the leader accelerates, he must continue. Stutter starts are prohibited.

Jump Starts
Drivers must stay in their position until they cross the start/finish line.

Lucky Dog
The lucky dog will be in effect on all LNR  Wednesday Night Series events and will be handled by the iRacing simulation software.

Black Flags
Black flags will not be cleared by administration unless you receive one as a result of following the direction of the Race Director. Black flags assessed by the iRacing simulation software are considered official.

Maximum Incident Points
For LNR Wednesday Night Series events, the maximum incident point limit will be 10 points.

Driver Cap
The server capacity will be limited based on the track. For tracks less than one mile long, there will be a limit of 30 drivers. For tracks one mile or longer and less than 1.5 miles long, there will be a limit of 36 drivers. For tracks 1.5 miles or longer, the limit will be the track maximum. Server space will be first come, first served.

iRating Cap
There are currently not any iRating limitations for participation in LNR. This will be reviewed at the end of every season.

Point System
Each season will be divided into ten race segments. Each segment will have a champion that will be determined on a 10-7-4-2-1 point spread. There will also be one bonus point given for the pole sitter and leading a lap. This is to allow drivers to compete for a championship, but not require them to be at every event as only the top-5 score points.

Reporting Rule Violations
If you want to report a rules violation, email the Series Director (info at lnracing dot com) with a description of the incident and any pertinent evidence. If it was an incident on the track, attach a cut down replay to include the lap previous, lap of, and lap following the incident.

Penalties will be determined by the Series Director. In most cases a driver will be warned following his first violation. Following a second violation, a suspension may be considered based on the severity of the violation.